What We Do

TNE is charged with developing the long-term and overarching strategic vision and direction for the High Country region, ensuring a platform for future tourism growth. Its efforts are guided by the following vision and supporting mission statement:

To establish the High Country as the leading regional tourism destination in Victoria, with a thriving visitor economy based on a diverse range of engaging tourism experiences.

Mission Statement:
Tourism North East will work collaboratively with government and industry partners to strategically grow, enhance and promote the High Country tourism offering to deliver positive tourism outcomes for the region. It will drive strategic tourism efforts across the areas of planning, marketing, product development, industry development, infrastructure and advocacy, to ensure that the region offers memorable tourism experiences for visitors and strong tourism-related yield opportunities for the destination.




In realising this vision, TNE has several key responsibilities:

➢ Regional marketing – developing regional campaigns that look to drive awareness, dispersal and yield opportunities for the region.
➢ Product development – identifying gaps in the regional tourism offering and working with local government and industry partners to fill them, particularly in areas where the High Country can achieve differentiated product strengths.
➢ Industry development – working with tourism operators to enhance their offering and ensure long term sustainability, delivering a high-quality and consistent regional tourism product.
➢ Facilitating tourism investment – identifying infrastructure and investment opportunities and/or partnerships among private and public entities.
➢ Research – collaborating with local government and industry partners to determine common research requirements that can generate insights used for strategic planning for the region.
➢ Advocacy – uniting advocacy efforts across a variety of areas including funding support and legislative and policy issues.
➢ Strategic planning - leading strategic planning for the region as well as providing consultation for State and Federal tourism plans and programs.

NEV_223_DK_2014 The Razorback Trail with views to Mt Buffalo