Target Markets

High Country visitors are characterised by two key segments - Lifestyle Leaders, who account for 40% of the region’s visitors, and Habituals who make up 28% of visitor numbers.

Lifestyle Leaders are progressive, educated and professional individuals who actively seek out new experiences. They enjoy an active social life and have extensive social networks in which they are viewed as trusted advisors and influencers of others. They are higher in affluence and discretionary expenditure than the average Australian, so travel frequently and spend more when traveling.

The Habituals are travellers who come to the North East each year (sometimes many times a year) that tend to return to a consistent location and often travel with the same group. They are heavily influenced by the recommendations of friends and family members, prioritise value for money, and are often driven by familiarity with a destination. Both Habituals and Lifestyle Leaders are primarily self-drive markets.

The High Country primarily focuses on Lifestyle Leaders as their propensity to travel, experience new things and consider multiple destinations when they travel means that there is a strong ability to influence them with focused and motivating marketing communication and effective product development. Furthermore, the size of the segment and the yield it can drive within region by way of its higher natural spend also defines it as the most valuable market with the potential to drive greatest return on investment for the High Country.

While Habituals are not a marketing focus for the region, as they have largely already predetermined where they will visit so there is little opportunity to influence their travel decisions, the ongoing development and revitalisation of regional products, infrastructure and tourism services will ensure this segment’s ongoing satisfaction and commitment to the High Country.