Embracing the Future

Tourism North East recently hosted the CEO of UK-based Future Laboratory, Chris Sanderson, at a workshop in Wangaratta.

He presented a tailored insight into consumer trends specific to tourism and in particular food and wine. Industry operators were also given extensive opportunity to delve deeper into key topics via questions and answers.

Aside from a comprehensive look into future trends, there were some key take-outs for tourism businesses across all sectors:

– Know your “WHY” – consumers are attracted to it and it allows you to connect with those who are values-aligned
– Be a business which is more deeply committed to a moral code. Audiences are connecting to this
– Consider how your experience makes your customer FEEL
– Be transparent and open minded because everything you do can be unearthed and then shared and your customers do NOT want to connect with businesses which do not have integrity.
– Ensure you are working towards a legacy – what does your world look like in 25 years if you are successful – consumers are connecting with this longer term vision
– Proactively build cultural richness in your community – think bigger than your own four walls

A broad industry turn-out has already resulted in a strong response to ideas and innovation. Tourism businesses will continue to benefit from the Future Labs presentation as Tourism North East will incorporate insights from this presentation into ongoing industry and product development activities, including one-on-one mentoring sessions.



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