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Industry and product development are a key focus of TNE. This work entails working with businesses within the region to enhance their current tourism experience, and also diversify their offering to meet current and emerging product demand. It also involves developing new products, either through new partnerships or attracting new business to the High Country capable of meeting current product gaps.

Within this scope, TNE is able to work with tourism businesses to keep them abreast of current market trends, to assist them with evolving their operation to better meet customer demand, to review their business plans to identify efficiencies and optimise their strategic direction, and provide any other general guidance they may need to drive long terms sustainingly and success.

The following pages are designed to support industry with tools, online resources, information and data, to deliver positive outcomes for the visitor economy.

If you would like to arrange a one-on-one business development session, or join a group briefing session about a specific topic, please contact TNE to get an overview of its current program schedule.


The ATDW is Australia’s national tourism database and distribution platform. An ATDW listing is essential for participation in TNE programs.

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TNE assumes a leadership role in training industry, keeping tourism businesses abreast of current trends and working with operators to improve, enhance and diversify their businesses in an effective and sustainable manner.


From marketing campaigns and events, to social media platforms and 'preferred' supplier status, there are numerous ways for business to leverage a relationship with TNE.


Tourism North East provides a range of marketing and product development tools to support the tourism industry in the High Country.


A range of support initiatives and grants are provided to businesses through local, state, and federal governments.

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TNE offers a number of ways for tourism operators to contact with us, and with each other.

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It is important that your business has thought about what to do and how to interact with your guests before a crisis event presents itself.

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