It is critical in the digital age to have motivating imagery of your business to use to effectively communicate your offering.

High quality, clear, bright images go a long way to make your business stand out.

Top photo tips:

  • Make sure images are high resolution and crisp/clear.
  • Great lighting – brightness gives depth and variance to the scene. Sunlight is best so pick a day that is bright to capture the scene.
  • Shoot from the corner – this shows space and dimension. This is especially applicable to accommodation providers shooting rooms.
  • Take exterior photos – this helps visitors to imagine what your business looks and feels like.
  • Clean the scene - de-clutter the area you wish to photograph.
  • Highlight your unique points of difference – every business has something exclusive so make it stand out.

For a list of local photographers that provide cost effective business photography, please contact TNE and speak to the Industry and Product Development team.

Images are also available for download and purchase via the Content Hub site managed by Visit Victoria here. The site’s online image library allows you to search, select, order video footage and download photographs and digital files.