Training and Development 

TNE assumes a leadership role in training industry, keeping tourism businesses abreast of current trends and working with operators to improve, enhance and diversify their businesses in an effective and sustainable manner. To this effect, TNE offers a range of training and business development opportunities to High Country tourism Businesses. This includes:

  • One-on-one business development sessions, where TNE can work directly with businesses to address the trends, issues and opportunities of most relevance to their business
  • Group briefing sessions, where TNE identifies needs common to a group of businesses and briefs them about the topics and trends required to inform business decisions and strategic planning.
  • Conference/forums, where TNE looks to inform sectors about emerging opportunities and tends that may impact large sectors or business groups, and have the potential to take the High Country tourism offering to the next level.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact TNE on 03 5728 2773, or [email protected]


Sessions and dates

Stay informed, develop new skills or take a training refresher with TNE's range of training and development sessions. In response to the current situation, all sessions are currently being held online. This will be reviewed regularly.

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Online resources

TNE provides industry with a range of online tools and resources to ensure businesses have access to best-practice materials to enhance and develop their individual business offerings.

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TNE develops presentations to share with industry around a number of topics including market research, visitation data, target markets and more. Copies of the presentations are available to High Country tourism industry businesses.

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