Future labs – 2019 Private Briefings (Stakeholder)




The Future Laboratory team of researchers, analysts, strategists and editors have crafted a forward-looking presentations designed to equip our Tourism businesses with the insights and strategic thinking required to answer the most compelling issues of the day, including the rise of AI and automation, economic migration, climate change, the squeeze on the middle market and the growing discomfort with last-century methodologies and processes in the 21st-century environment. Their knowledge of Australian businesses and the market also means that they can be both international in their perspective, and national in their outlook.

: Date 20 February 2019, 12:30pm, Wangaratta Performing Art’s Centre.

The Presentation will specifically focus on:

: Consumer Futures

This presentation series will help your brand to connect with the new consumer, exploring how gender is being reframed and how brands can be a force for real change. We also identify ways to cut through the digital noise to reach the young generation of disruptors.

: Luxury & Hospitality Futures

As overt materialism falls out of favour among a new generation of consumers, we explore new ways to create purpose-driven experiences for consumers who are more socially aware than ever.

This presentation is usually delivered in Melbourne during February for a significantly higher price, however by bringing it into our region and encouraging high attendance rates, we have bought costs down and made it accessible to a many more operators. We hope to see you then.