Market Research

Visit Victoria, Tourism North East and other stakeholders partners commission periodic visitor research to better understand our visitors and their motivations and barriers to visiting the High Country region.

Some key bodies of work are described below. If you would like to review this research with a team member to understand how the findings may relate to your business and/or future investments, please contact [email protected]

Intrastate Research

Tourism Victoria commissioned a piece of qualitative research in 2014 to understand motivations and barriers of people living in Melbourne and regional Victoria to holiday in regional Victoria. The research looked at the life stage potential visitors were in and how this impacted on their propensity to travel.

Snow Segmentation Research

The Alpine Resorts Coordinating Council in partnership with Tourism Victoria commissioned a qualitative and quantitative research study in late 2014 to investigate visitor segments in relation to the Victorian snowfields. The study found three existing visitor segments and three new or lapsed visitor segments.

Gap Analysis Research

In 2012 TNE commissioned qualitative and quantitative research to investigate the gaps in the tourism offering within the High Country. The research investigated different new business concepts and tested their appeal and associated price points amongst the region’s key Lifestyle Leader market.

The key gaps identified were:

• Unique Accommodation in Sympathy with Nature
• Nature Based Facilitation
• Cycle Facilitation
• Iconic Accommodation
• Experiential Cultural Heritage Offerings
• Transport Connections