Activating the King Valley Prosecco Road

A project outline and access to the final plan

The Activating the King Valley, Prosecco Road Project has been commissioned to establish the King Valley as the most desired and recognised wine region in Australia, harnessing the generous and warm Italian family spirit to provide an experience of casual luxury and intimate hospitality.


The plan, which has been developed by Tourism North East in collaboration with the Rural City of Wangaratta and Regional Development Victoria, identifies priority tourism investments that enhance the visitor experience and optimise economic outcomes for the region.

It draws on extensive market research, engagement with industry and stakeholders, landscape assessment, and an assessment of branding and positioning to inform the vision and future direction for the King Valley.

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Investment Themes


  1. Destination Enhancement and Township Revitalisation
  2. Accommodation
  3. Trails and Nature Based
  4. Food, Dining and Hospitality
  5. Infrastructure and Planning
  6. Governance and Marketing
  7. Business Development and Enhancement


Funding & Economic Benefits


For the King Valley to fulfil its potential the plan outlines a total cost of $53.6 million. The plan received $4.3 million of funding in the 2020 State Government budget; and requires a further $19.3 million of public sector investment and $30 million of private sector investment.


Public and private sector investment will grow the King Valley visitor economy from an existing $268 million in total output and 1267 jobs, to $369 million per annum in total output and 1734 jobs once projects are completed and operational.

Additionally, expenditure on construction will deliver short term economic benefits of $110 million in output and 284 jobs. 


More Information

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