Collateral Tips

Printed Collateral

In 2014 Tourism North East undertook a Collateral Review of all printed collateral produced across the North East region.  The findings of this were predominantly used by local council and alpine resort management board teams to optimise their investment in marketing but some of these insights are also relevant to tourism businesses.

Key Insights

Visitors are increasingly looking for two types of collateral:

  • in depth experience driven guides around their personal passions like brochures of trail guides, food and wine guides, wine touring brochures etc and;
  • disposable simple single use tool that help to facilitate their journey e.g. tear off maps, fact sheets and the like.

Printed collateral that sits in between these two areas is likely to present a poor return on investment as the print costs are still high but the collateral may still end up being disposed of quickly.

Experience Guides

Experience guides should be rich in editorial content and more magazine like in appearance.  Food, wine and craft beer, nature, cycling and cultural heritage are all key areas for experience guides.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets are generally targeted at specific experiences, and are simple, low cost and often self-printed. Tear off maps, fact sheets on 30 min walks, things to do with kids over the school holidays etc all fit well into this area. Businesses can add value to their visitor’s experience by developing simple fact sheets or working together as a group to do so. These should be professional in design appearance but have low printing costs.