Victoria’s Alpine Resorts

Victoria's High Country is brought to market through a variety of channels and campaigns.

For many years the Victorian Alpine Resorts have collectively invested in winter marketing efforts in order to increase visitation, yield and take-up of snowsports across the resorts. The collective represents the following resorts:

  • Falls Creek 
  • Mt Buller 
  • Mt Stirling
  • Mt Hotham
  • Lake Mountain
  • Mt Baw Baw
  • Dinner Plain

Victoria's Alpine Resorts social media

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Official collective account of Victoria’s alpine resorts, encouraging midweek visitation during the snow season.

Sharing the fun snow trip experiences across Mt Buller, Falls Creek, Mt Hotham, Dinner Plain, Mt Stirling, Mt Baw Baw and Lake Mountain.

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Victoria's Alpine Resorts website

The Victoria's Alpine Resorts website is the primary call to action for marketing campaigns. The website features the Alpine Resorts of the High Country and destination travel information.

Sarah Black (left) & Carol Binder on Cloud 9 at Falls Creek top. Overnight temperatures dipped to -6C allowing for extensive snowmaking at the resort. Falls Creek plans to open for skiing Saturday with 3 lifts for skiing

Victoria's Alpine Resorts marketing campaigns

The 2019 cooperative snow marketing campaign focussed on addressing the midweek/weekend visitation imbalance at the alpine resorts, by targeting engaged snow users to raise awareness of the benefits of visiting midweek, and drive conversion at the resort level with compelling retail offers.

In 2020 when the resorts were open ahead of COVID 19 restrictions, marketing efforts were directed towards safety messaging.


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If you are a tourism operator and wish to participate in Victoria's Alpine Resorts initiatives or would like to develop a snow product contact our team on [email protected].

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