Innovating to meet changing visitor expectations is the focus of a new and exciting Consumer Insights session open to all High Country tourism industry businesses at Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre on Tuesday 24 April.

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Morning Sessions: Using Social Media to Ramp up your marketing - not waste your time

Presented by Kate Walsh - Founder and Author of "Real Food"

Beginning with a very pacy recap on understanding who your audience is and how to identify your key messages and integrate this into all your marketing efforts, Kate will then take you through your paces by helping you to understand how to communicate your story and build a plan to make sure all your hard work on Instagram, email and Facebook is actually making you money - not wasting your time. This 2 hours workshop will include

  • How to create high quality video content
  • How to create high quality imagery
  • How to tell your story to have impact
  • How to build resonating relationships with your customers
  • How to build your legacy plans into your messaging so your customers build trust and confidence


Afternoon Sesssion: Innovating to meet changing visitor Expectations

This will be an exciting session aimed at the business leaders of the region looking at what's 'on trend' and what customers expectations now look, sound and feel like.

From the discussions and experience we have had over the last few years, storytelling, changing customer expectations and implementing technology to activate customer experience are increasingly important in the tourism industry.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • How technology is influencing and changing customer expectations; people are wanting more personalised, surprising and ‘experience’ based service
  • The ups and downs of emerging technology
    • What are the current and upcoming on trend cases from within the tourism industry
    • What you need to be aware of as technology continues to progress – what is the future, what is a gimmick.
    • How to think about technology implementation within your business – what are the key questions to ask or a framework to work within.
  • How technology can inform solutions within your business without breaking the bank
  • Designing for your customer

These topics will be presented by Giovanna Shakhovskoy from the Directors of the Extraordinary from Brisbane


Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash