A picture's worth a thousand words, so Tourism North East has created a selection of images available to download to give visual impact to your story.

Gallery Access

The Victoria's High Country media gallery is available on a restricted basis. To gain access please read through terms of use and copyright notice below.

Terms of Use & Copyright Notice - Tourism North East Image Gallery

  1. All images contained within the Tourism North East/Victoria’s High Country online gallery are solely to be used to promote Victoria’s High Country as a tourism destination. Placement is only permitted in editorial and media applications.
  2. Images must be used within the direct and immediate context of Victoria’s High Country only - they cannot be used for general tourism imagery or any other generic purpose ie dining  /snowsports etc
  3. If an image is used as part of a wider story, the image must be clearly captioned “Victoria’s High Country” (or appropriate sub destination or location) with the caption appearing adjacent to the image.
  4. Whenever possible all images must be credited with the photographer's name. When an image is used on the cover of a publication and cannot be captioned on the cover, a photographer/Victoria’s High Country credit must appear on the inside front cover of the publication.
  5. No images in the Tourism North East/Victoria’s High Country online photo gallery are available for commercial or advertising outside the described use here.
  6. No images in the gallery are available to be released to third parties (i.e. any party not directly using the images for editorial or media use) for any use. ALL requests for third-party usage are to be referred to Tourism North East.
  7. Requests for commercial use will be referred to the photographers to arrange a commercial arrangement.
  8. Images found to have been used outside the terms of use stated here, without permission of the photographers, will incur full commercial fees and the photographer will invoice the organisation involved.
  9. No images in the gallery are available for sale in any form ie. postcards, books, posters or any retail merchandise.

If you accept the terms and conditions, please contact Elizabeth Costello, Marketing and Communications Manager for access to the image gallery.

Please provide a brief summary of your media credentials and how you propose to use images.