Each month Tourism North East delivers a range of free sessions aimed at helping regional businesses enhance their tourism offering.

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Snow Briefings facilitated by Jade Miles, Industry Development Strategist, Tourism North East

  • Who is Tourism North East and how we can help you
  • Summary of the snow segmentation research
  • The power of collaboration
  • New product ideas
  • Future Trends Briefing

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Futures Workshops: Facilitated by Jade Miles
Delivered to tourism operators for the past four years, these thought-provoking, eye-opening and challenging three hour workshops encourage tourism operators to question, interact and engage in the lively conversation surrounding the 'future trends" highlighted by the presentation.

They are an abstract paraphrase of the annual briefings which are delivered by 'Future Lab', a UK based global trends analysis company which helps us understand whole of system thinking, right down to the nitty gritty of what consumers want, how to connect with our audience and how to stay ahead of the curve with your business.
The value of the workshop is in the conversation, questions, reactions and examples raised by others which is lost if you simply look at the slides independently. There are four Futures workshops scheduled for this year so if you are unable to attend this one we highly recommend you find a date that does suit.

This workshop is ideal for operators who are innovative thought leaders who are open to evolution, looking to expand or evolve their product offering. Some of the content is abstract in its ability to apply to tourism but still has great value in stimulating conversation and thought.


TNE Roadshow - Who we are, what we do
Join this fast paced, interactive workshop where you will learn who TNE are, what we are responsible for, what opportunities we can share and most importantly how we can support you and your business. Find out how to be better aligned with regional priorities, be on trend with your product offering, be digitally relevant, be more connected to your target audience and be more aware of future trends.


Attract attention and sustain interest in your business
This free introductory session suitable for any High Country tourism business will explain the regional digital offering and how your business can leverage from it. It will outline the role of the local, regional and State tourism websites and the integrated digital platform; explaining how content is sourced and looking at how you can list your business online through an ATDW listing. This 90 minute presentation includes an interactive question and answer session.