New Destination Management Plan

A Destination Management Plan is developed when tourism bodies, government and industry plan for the future of destination, and focus on proactively building and managing the visitor economy.

Victoria’s High Country Destination Management Plan 2013-2023 was developed to identify the strategic direction of the region with the aim of uniting marketing, investment, product development and industry development efforts to achieve strong tourism outcomes for north-east Victoria.

While this Plan was originally launched in 2013, a review of the document has been conducted in 2016 in recognition of several key changes in the local tourism landscape. This includes a maturing of the relationships between TNE, its local government partners and industry, and a better understanding and support for regional versus destination specific priorities. It also reflects a shift in State and Federal Government tourism priorities, with a growing interest in the development of iconic tourism projects that have the potential to maximise return across multiple destinations and parties.

The 2016 review has allowed for a finessing of the 2013 document, with the region’s efforts focused around eight priority projects that are best positioned to leverage collaborative efforts and deliver positive tourism results for the High Country. These projects have been developed with the visitor experience in-mind, and seek to provide an infrastructure, product development and marketing framework in which to move Victoria’s High Country - as a destination - forward over the coming decade.

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