August 23, 2023

At our July Industry forum, we heard from Nathaniel Ganeson of the HR Legal team, with proactive commercial employment advice for businesses and tips on how to navigate the ever changing legal requirements in hospitality and tourism.

If you missed it, here are some of the key takeaways from the session:

  • Effective as of 1st July 2023, a 5.75% increase to Award minimums.

  • The superannuation guarantee rate increased to 11% effective 1st July 2023. All employees can now be eligible for superannuation regardless of age or minimum working hours.

  • Employees are entitled to be absent from their employment on public holidays. Employers must make a request (verbal or written) to the employee and receive confirmation prior to rostering them on to work.

  • During temporary shutdown periods, under some awards, employers are no longer able to direct employees to take unpaid leave if the employee has no annual leave. Either an agreement is made between parties to take unpaid leave, or the employer must pay the employee for the leave.

  • Employees are entitled to 10 days p.a. (no accrual) for family and domestic violence leave. This leave is not to be documented on payslips.

  • For junior employees under the age of 15, a permit is required with special conditions for working hours, pay rate and working with children’s checks. If your staff is 17 years old and under, it is recommended to seek advice.

For further explanation, please watch the recorded session here.

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