Victoria’s High Country

Strategies and key projects that contribute to the long-term vision for the region




Victoria's High Country - Destination Management Plan

The long-term tourism vision for Victoria’s High Country has been identified via a destination management planning process, which is when tourism bodies, government and industry plan for the future of destination, focusing on proactively building and managing the visitor economy.

Victoria’s High Country Destination Management Plan 2013-2023 captures this vision and the strategic direction required to unite marketing, investment, product development and industry development efforts to achieve strong tourism outcomes for the north-east of Victoria.

The Destination Management Plan focuses the region’s tourism efforts around eight priority projects that are best positioned to leverage collaborative efforts and deliver positive tourism results for the High Country. These projects have been developed with the visitor experience in-mind, and seek to provide an infrastructure, product development and marketing framework in which to move Victoria’s High Country forward over the coming decade.

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Tourism North East - Three Year Strategy (2020 - 2022)

TNE’s three-year strategic tourism focus is identified in the TNE Three Year Strategy 2019-20 - 2021-22. It complements the broader regional Destination Management Plan by highlighting TNE’s specific role in realising the long-term tourism objectives of the entire region as established in that strategy.

This approach has been adopted to ensure true synergy between the efforts of TNE and its local government and industry partners, with all parts effectively maximising the efforts and outcomes of the whole region.

TNE Three Year Plan

Strategic Projects



Activating the King Valley Prosecco Road

The Activating the King Valley, Prosecco Road Project has been commissioned to establish the King Valley as the most desired and recognised wine region in Australia, harnessing the generous and warm Italian family spirit to provide an experience of casual luxury and intimate hospitality.

Activating the King Valley