The 2017 round of Kickstart applications has now closed, however below is some information you may be interested in, if you have a product in mind and could apply in the next round.

Download the Information sheet here.

Kickstart is a product development program offered by TNE that supports tourism businesses to develop new, high- quality and collaborative tourism products in the High Country. The competitive program offers:

  • A cash sum of $2,500 towards the agreed product enhancement, which must be met dollar-for-dollar by the successful applicant.
  • Elevated priority product development support and mentoring from both TNE and the relevant local council
  • Priority PR and Marketing support once the product is launched

Kickstart provides the added boost and heightened potential for success that is often needed in the infancy of a new products life.

Any existing High Country tourism businesses with a proven track record can apply for Kickstart funding and support as long as the proposed product meets the below criteria:

The product must:

  • Be collaborative, involving 2 or more operators
  • Have "multiplication appeal" e.g “Food + bike” or “Hike + Paddle” or “Horse + Camp” or “Run + Food”
  • Fill an identified product gap
  • Belong to an operator who is already listed on the Regional Digital Platform
  • Be supported by a detailed and transparent budget
  • Have editorial merit
  • Be deliverable within a 6-12 month timeframe

The product can be cross-destinational (involve several Council areas)

The product cannot be a one-off offering – it must be offered across at least one season and longer if possible

If you would like to discuss your Kickstart idea or require any further information please contact our office on 03 5728 2773.