October 27, 2022

‘Come and Say G’day’ is the next instalment of Tourism Australia’s ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ global brand platform.

With travel being restricted for the last two years, ‘Come and Say G’day’ is a creative and unmistakably Australian invitation to the world. The multi-channel campaign introduced the world to two CGI animated characters; Ruby, a souvenir kangaroo, voiced by Australian actor Rose Byrne, and Louie, a toy unicorn, representing international visitors, voiced by actor Will Arnett.

The‘Come and Say G’day’ campaign launched on October 19 and is set to run across Tourism Australia’s 15 key international markets, aiming to support the tourism industry’s recovery by driving demand for travel to Australia. The campaign also features a short film and television commercial (TVC), as well as print and high-impact out-of-home creative, social, digital, editorial and partner advertising. The music featured in the TVC is a re-interpretation of the classic Australian anthem ‘Down Under’, by up-and-coming band King Stingray, who sing in both English and Yolŋu Matha – an Indigenous language from North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

Tourism Australia Managing Director, Phillipa Harrison, said the new campaign will support the tourism industry as it rebuilds, by converting the pent-up demand for an Australian holiday and encouraging people to plan and book their adventure Down Under.

“We know that Australia consistently ranks high on people’s consideration list but we need to get travellers to take that critical next step and book their holiday to Australia to experience everything we have to offer,” Ms Harrison said.

“Visitor economies around the world are looking to rebuild as we emerge from the pandemic and that will make the tourism landscape more competitive than ever before, which is why we have made sure Come and Say G’day will cut through and make Australia stand out today and in the long term.”

Watch the 60 second advert here.