October 18, 2018

TNE is set to embark on a region-wide series of ‘deep dive’ sessions into the recently released findings by Quantum Market Research into agritourism in the High Country.

The findings, presented by the research consultant in September, identified agritourism visitor markets and the types of agritourism experiences that visitors are looking for

The upcoming workshops delivered by TNE will recap on the overarching messages taken from the research and distill them into practical, workable and relevant discussions, which allow existing and potentially new businesses to apply the learnings for new product development, business innovation and collaboration.

The workshops are intimate, interactive and very easily applied to individual businesses, even those who missed the initial presentation.

Click on the links for full details and to register:
Beechworth – 12 November
Wangaratta – 12 November
Mansfield – 13 November