January 22, 2020

As announced by the State Government on Monday, Tourism North East and Destination Gippsland have each received $200,000 grants to assist within initial bushfire recovery activities. Of this, TNE has immediately allocated $120,000 to fund free online tourism listings via the ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse) for individual tourism businesses in the High Country during the bushfire recovery period.

Why have these listings been prioritised?

  • During the bushfire recovery period and beyond, marketing initiatives will focus on driving target markets to official online tourism websites to pique interest and encourage visitation. ATDW listings provide an online presence at national, state, region-wide and destination levels through the key online tourism marketing platforms of australia.com, visitvictoria.com, Victoria’s High Country and the relevant High Country destination websites around the region.
  • TNE recognises the significant cash flow issues the bushfire crisis is creating for industry. Providing free ATDW listings saves each and every tourism business $290 and importantly ensures all business continue to be listed on the state, regional and destination websites to maximise opportunities as part of bushfire recovery marketing campaign activity.

Which business are eligible ?

  • All tourism business operating solely within the jurisdictions of Alpine Shire, Benalla Rural City, Indigo Shire, Rural City of Wangaratta, Mansfield Shire, Towong Shire, Falls Creek Resort Management, Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management and Mt Hotham Resort Management
  • Coupon Codes can be claimed for the creation of new ATDW listings as well as the renewal of existing listings

Is assistance available for the creation or renewal of an ATDW listing ?

  • Yes, as part of the registration process business will be asked if they require assistance with creating or renewing their listing or with general digital marketing skills.

How to claim your free ATDW listing ?

Go to the Claim my free ATDW listing page on the TNE website. An online form will request your business details and whether you require any assistance with the listing creation or renewal process. Your coupon code will be emailed to you within 24 hours.