Get Familiar!

As part of the Wander Victoria campaign, TNE has worked with Visit Victoria to create itineraries for visiting journalists and photographers from The Urban List and Broadsheet, both influential lifestyle leader publications.

To date these have included:

  • Broadsheet - The King Valley. Autumn 2017
  • The Urban List - The King Valley, Autumn 2017

These and other collaborative famils with Visit Victoria continue throughout the year across the region, supported by TNE’s own PR/media famil efforts planned in consultation with LGAs.

These have recently included visits by Ride On magazine, the Australian Financial Review Life & Leisure,, the NZ Herald, News Ltd Escape, and coming soon, two separate visits by Gourmet Traveller magazine.

Famils are a great way to give journalists/influencers direct, positive experience of your business or product offering. If a famil is planned that includes your product, make sure you are ready for them and welcoming. Go the extra distance! Be flexible. Be prepared to offer (within reason) complimentary hospitality. Remember that a positive experience is much more likely to result in a positive story!

The very best way for tourism operators to leverage from the Wander Victoria campaign is to submit seasonal deals. The Wander Victoria campaign continues to drive significant increases in visitor traffic to and any business with an ATDW listing can submit one or more deals, which will be live for 3 months.

All you need to do is fill out the deal template and send the completed template plus one inspiring image to [email protected]

If you are interested in being included in a TNE-driven media famil, you need to have an active ATDW listing. This listing is a key digital marketing asset for your business as it provides provides both TNE and media a current overview of your business and key contact information.