May 30, 2024

Regional tourism is poised for a significant boost with the recent unveiling of the Regional Tourism Investment Fund (RTIF) and the Regional Events Fund (REF), along with a myriad of other emerging grant funding opportunities.

The Regional Tourism Investment Fund aims to enhance the region’s tourism products. It provides financial support for developing and improving tourism infrastructure, including accommodation, attractions, and facilities. This initiative is expected to drive investment in the region’s tourism sector, ultimately enhancing the overall visitor experience.

In addition, the announcement of the Regional Events Fund has generated excitement among event organisers and local communities. The fund will offer financial assistance to support staging new and existing events, thereby promoting regional Victoria as a vibrant and diverse tourism destination.

In light of these exciting developments, Tourism North East is hosting an in-person workshop with grants specialist, Sandy Keath from Grantable. The workshops are designed to provide valuable insights into the application process, eligibility criteria, and best practices for submitting successful grant proposals, as well as understanding the grant acquittal process.

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