September 7, 2023

With spring in full bloom and many businesses turning their attention to hiring, we want to recap some great learnings shared by Catherine Bell from our Tourism Workforce Summit regarding employee wellbeing.

Practical strategies matter a lot to how we handle our stress and build or deplete our wellbeing. 

In tourism and hospitality, some good wellbeing practices for your staff include:

  • Training – make sure staff are given the opportunity to learn and develop. 
  • Good rostering practice with proper breaks between shifts to rest and re-energise.
  • Proper, regular breaks in the working day.
  • Enough hydration throughout the day.
  • Normalise “taking 5” for a breather / cold drink after handling a difficult customer. Support each other and check in if someone seems down.
  • Take an interest in each other’s lives outside of work. Take the time to build relationships and share a laugh, often. (it regenerates us!)
  • Engage in fun and meaningful activities outside of work. 
  • Know what your “hot buttons” are and what your best cool down strategies are and use them.