February 4, 2021

Upskill, connect and leverage

After a busy January in the region, now is the time for you to continue to upskill, or perhaps consider some well overdue networking with colleagues.

Tourism North East is delivering a number of FREE courses, both online and in-person as we head into the new year, so start planning your time to upskill, connect and leverage to your advantage!

To find out more, and book your sessions, head to the Tourism North East Eventbrite page here. 

NEW FOR 2021

The art and science of revenue management for accommodation businesses

This workshop details the calculations and strategy for revenue management to give operators more control of their accommodation business.

TNE marketing campaign briefings

These sessions provide operators with the strategy and execution of TNE marketing programs to enable businesses to leverage this information to the advantage of their business. These will kick off this year with the Ride High Country campaign and an introduction to the new Victoria’s High Country campaign.

Speed networking

If the last year has left you feeling a little disconnected from other business operators, join us for a fun speed-dating style session. Sessions will be held in Tarawingee in the evening or Alexandra for morning coffee.

Visitor journey mapping

This online session looks at the outcomes of the recent visitor journey mapping research to understand how customers are behaving as they plan and spend their time in Victoria’s High Country and how your business can maximise the opportunities this presents.

Digital Skills online sessions

Along with all your favorite digital training sessions that are scheduled throughout the year, watch this space for new digital skills courses arriving in March.

To find out more, and book your sessions, head to the Tourism North East Eventbrite page here.