Phase 2 Wander Victoria Campaign

The Wander Victoria campaign delivered by Visit Victoria is designed to encourage Melbourne residents to get out of the city and experience what the rest of Victoria has to offer. The campaign is all about slowing down and having a different type of travel experience - one where you take the time to connect, rather than trying to cram as much in as possible. Wandering through scenic regional locations, the campaign highlights Victoria's scenic beauty and diverse natural landscapes as these are key motivators for Melburnians to travel regionally.

While the first phase of the campaign was shot in locations throughout the State, featuring two men wandering through big landscape and inspiring vistas, the second phase is more experienced focused, centred on the activities undertaken by two women. Three of the four new film assets developed for stage two of the campaign were filmed exclusively in the High Country including Beechworth, Bright, Mount Buffalo and surrounds, marking a huge win for the region. Below is the latest release of the Phase 2 video, and you can also check out all the new videos here.

These assets will be taken to market as part of yet another $3million campaign, ensuring that the High Country will benefit from some excellent exposure over coming months. With that in mind, ensure that you have your latest packages and deals listed via the Visit Victoria site, and keep an eye out for opportunities associated with available leverage campaigns. For further information, please contact Susannah Doyle at TNE on: [email protected]