May 23, 2021

Updated 13 May 2021

From 28 May 2021, all venues and facilities required to undertake electronic record keeping must use the Victorian Government QR Code Service through the Service Victoria app. On the spot fines apply to businesses not adhering to QR Code requirements.

To find out more about the Victorian Government QR Code service go to QR code app, API and digital record keeping for contact tracing.

Venues and facilities required to use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service for record keeping are:

    • Hospitality (including food and drink facilities, such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs and hotels)
    • Indoor physical recreation and community sport (including staffed and unstaffed gyms, play centres, indoor skateparks and indoor trampolining centres)
    • Outdoor physical recreation and community sport facilities
    • Pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms and springs (indoor and outdoor spaces, including water or non-water part)
    • Ceremonies and religious gatherings (including places of worship)
    • Weddings (record-keeping requirements as per the venue where the wedding is held)
    • Funerals (record-keeping requirements as per the venue where the funeral is held)
    • Community venues and facilities including libraries and toy libraries (not including outdoor skate parks, playgrounds and other outdoor communal areas)
    • Creative arts facilities
    • Real estate inspections and auctions
    • Seated entertainment venues (indoors and outdoors)
    • Indoor non-seated venues (such as galleries)
    • Outdoor non-seated entertainment venues (such as zoos and live museums)
    • Arcades, escape rooms, bingo centres
    • Drive in cinemas
    • Amusement parks
    • Gaming (casinos, gaming machine areas, retail betting venues)
    • Adult entertainment (brothels, sex on premises venues, sexually explicit entertainment)
    • Nightclubs
    • Karaoke
    • Hairdressing, beauty and personal care services
    • Accommodation (visitors in shared, communal spaces)
    • Commercial tourism operators including, but not limited to:
      • Guided tours of museums, galleries, historic locations
      • Adventure sports (ballooning, abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking,)
      • Marine based tours (kayaking, scuba, fishing, surfing)
    • Commercial passenger vehicles.

Additionally, venues must make reasonable efforts to provide or use alternative record-keeping systems for people who do not have access to, or cannot use, a personal mobile phone or another device to use the QR Code Service to check in. This could include making a device available for people to register their contact details with support from staff if needed.

All other venues and businesses not on this list, including supermarkets, markets, retail and shopping centres, are encouraged to use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service to keep records.

Businesses across the state can also access information on dealing with COVID-19 by calling the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15.

Published 1 April 2021

Venues and facilities must now use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service or a Victorian Government Application Programming Interface (API) linked digital record-keeping system to record information for contact tracing.

There is a 28-day compliance amnesty – from Friday 26 March to Friday 23 April 2021. Therefore, if you are not yet recording guest and visitor information for contact tracing purposes through the Victorian Government QR Code Service or a linked API, this must be set up before 6pm on Friday 23 April. View more information on:

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions also invite you to attend a forum that will discuss the Premier’s announcement around the use of electronic record-keeping and to clarify any queries you may have. There is one session available after the easter period and you are encouraged to register;

  • Wednesday 7 April from 10am to 11am

To register for the session, click here.