April 4, 2024

When did you last review and refresh your social media marketing plan? Do you actively keep abreast of the current trends, changes and updates on social media? Do you understand the stats and data to help drive appropriate decision-making?

Join the TNE team on Tuesday 23 April for our next Industry Forum to discover new tips and tricks about all things social media – your online travel agent.


In this forum, we will explore the tools that are at your fingertips that will help you:

  • build awareness for your business
  • drive sales
  • broaden customer reach

Hear from Tourism North East’s Content Producer, James Davidson, about maximising your digital footprint.

We will explore:

  • Storytelling, including video
  • Targeting with Facebook and Instagram Ads (with NEW updates from META)
  • Google Ads
  • Keywords & SEO
  • Reviews
  • Email marketing

When: 10am-11:30am, Tuesday 23 April 2024, via Zoom