February 28, 2019

Attracting and retaining quality staff in tourism businesses in the High Country is one of the key challenges reported by you our business operators / owners.

As a result, some businesses have reported :

  • Operator burn out, due to constantly having to cover unfilled roles in their businesses.

  • Their inability to spend adequate or necessary time on business development

  • An increase in sub standard guest service, which brings reputational risk for the individual business and the region as a whole.

  • Reduced investment because  businesses are reluctant to grow if they cannot manage staffing for additional services and products.

In order to better understand the scope and size of these issues Tourism North East is currently undertaking an anonymous survey of both employers and employees.

We invite you to complete the employer survey and encourage distribution of the employee survey.

Click here to complete the Employer Survey

Click here to complete the Employee Survey

Thank you for your assistance