November 13, 2019

A new program is being rolled out by Tourism North East aimed at helping High Country tourism businesses improve their digital skills and as a result, their competitive advantage.

The digital upskilling program is kicking off with a survey open to all regional tourism businesses to enable TNE to assess current skill levels and develop programs based on the survey results.

Take the survey here.

TNE has appointed a new dedicated Digital Skills Development Manager, Fiona Morris, to deliver the new three-year program which has been funded by Regional Development Victoria.

Fiona brings a wealth of experience to the new role, specialising in working with small businesses to increase their presence in the digital sphere. She believes that utilising digital channels is one of the most important, effective and economical ways businesses can engage with their audience and increase their sales.

A core strength of the new program will be its ability to provide businesses with a flexible learning offering that can be tailored to meet their specific needs, which can often be challenging in the tourism industry, particularly for smaller operators. This includes:
– Group training sessions – these will be used to teach digital fundamentals to groups of tourism operators.
– Individual upskilling sessions – one-on-one mentoring that will help businesses apply digital learnings directly to their operation.
– Helpdesk service – ongoing support through a helpdesk service that will provide guidance as required in response to smaller queries.

TNE’s aim is to ensure High Country tourism businesses are equipped to deliver a superior digital experience that differentiates them from competitors, seamlessly progressing visitors from the inspiration to research phase of the consumer buying cycle.

Contact Fiona Morris for more information – 0431 471 797 or [email protected]