May 18, 2023

Join us for this online industry forum where we’ll share current information and discuss topics relevant to tourism businesses in Victoria’s High Country.

When: Wednesday 14th June, 2023  10am – 11:30am
via Zoom
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Accessibility and inclusion are a priority for Tourism North East, ensuring that Victoria’s High Country delivers the best possible tourism experience for people of all abilities.

We want to work with you to empower the 20% of the population with mobility, vision, hearing and other assistance needs, their families, friends and supporters, to find and share information about accessible travel and leisure activities in our region.


We invite you to hear from Ryan (a Creative Director, an avid traveller, and a passionate advocate for accessible travel) to learn how access and inclusion are so much more than compliance – and how we all have something to gain from becoming inclusive and disability-aware.

Ryan will talk through:

  • Accessible tourism – what is it, why is it important and how is it done?
  • How making your products or services more accessible to visitors will open new and valuable markets for your business
  • How to communicate accessibility features
  • Local examples
  • Simple steps to get started

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“… it was really great! This session should be a ‘must do’ for all those in the Visitor Experience economy”

– Attendee at Ryan’s recent in-person workshop in Victoria’s High Country