TNE has led the delivery of a significant research project that looks to strengthen the region’s wine industry through securing much-needed insights into consumer trends and behaviours around winery and cellar door tourism.

Quantum, the research consultant engaged to deliver this comprehensive body of work, presented the findings of the Winery Tourism and Cellar Door Research Project to over 70 winery tourism operators on 21 June at Tuileries in Rutherglen.

The key objectives in undertaking the research were to:

  • provide wineries, wine industry bodies, and local and regional tourism bodies with quality quantitative and qualitative research on wine tourists
  • facilitate strategic action planning for future growth in this industry sector
  • augment cohesive, aligned planning at regional, wine region and business levels.

The findings of this research will be key to driving growth and innovation in the sector, informing product development strategies, winery tourism investment opportunities, and targeted marketing efforts.

To this effect, TNE will now deliver a series of related workshops that will look to analyse the findings of the research and the opportunities it presents to local businesses. Contact TNE Industry and Product Development Manager, Sarah Pilgrim, for further information about these sessions.

This project was made possible through a Wine Growth Fund grant announced late last year for Tourism North East, in partnership with member councils and the six wine regions of the High Country, to undertake extensive research into consumer trends and behaviours around winery and cellar door tourism.