June 22, 2020

With the opening this week of the 2020 ski season at Victorian resorts and the start of school holidays this Friday, Tourism North East is urging anyone considering travel during this time to stay informed, book ahead, be safe and be considerate of others.

TNE CEO Bess Nolan-Cook today reiterated the message after Saturday’s announcement by the Victorian Premier that a new spike in COVID-19 cases has prevented further easing of social gathering restrictions and rolled back family gatherings to a maximum of five per household.

Ms Nolan-Cook said: “I strongly encourage anyone who is planning to travel, to take a measured and cautious approach by planning, booking and confirming ahead all elements of travel before leaving home. That means ensuring your accommodation is booked in advance, as well as all meals at all venues including restaurants, cafes, breweries and wineries and of course continuing to practice physical distancing and good hygiene”.

Ms Nolan-Cook said Victoria’s alpine resorts had been working tirelessly to implement strategies to ensure the safety of visitors heading to the snow from this week, as well as businesses and staff welcoming guests, including implementing detailed COVID-19 operational plans for capacity management, traceability, cleaning/hygiene, accommodation, food and beverage and transportation.

Resorts visitors must book their vehicle entry pass prior to arrival and anyone arriving without a vehicle entry pass may not be able to enter the resort due to capacity constraints. Visitors to the snowfields are also urged to book all elements of their trip including lift passes, accommodation and other activities well in advance.

“Visitors to the alpine resorts need to prepare for a very different experience to previous snow seasons, with planning ahead, physical distancing and other limitations front of mind”, Ms Nolan-Cook said. “We are asking anyone who is considering traveling to the High Country to be considerate and kind to others and to respect the rules that are in place.”

Visitors considering travel to the High Country should check individual alpine resort websites for the latest information and conditions. For the latest information on all State Government COVID-19 restrictions, go to: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus-covid-19-daily-update

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